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We can help you evaluate whether you are a producer under the state EPR programs, what materials you are responsible for under these programs, what requirements apply, and what time frames must be met.  Armed with this information, we can help you identify the appropriate level of engagement for your company at this point, from preparing to assert any applicable exemptions to more fully engaging with the development of these programs. 


Depending on the level of engagement appropriate for your company, we can help you monitor and/or  comment on the rule-making process, support your participation in producer responsibility organizations (PROs), working groups, and other associations -- and help you align your program with state requirements.


We can assist you with registration requirements for the EPR programs, creation of your compliance plan (e.g., SOPs, business requirement packages) -- and help you identify and assemble the legal team  (e.g., contract review, PRO representation) and technical team (e.g., certifications and testings) you may need to implement your compliance program.  

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